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  • Heritage Day in Germany – an excursion into the past
    am 14. August 2017 um 11:50

    On Heritage Day, or Tag des offenen Denkmals, sites of historical and cultural interest throughout Germany open their doors to the public. It's a fantastic way to delve into the past and gain new insights!read more » […]

  • Slow travel: giving yourself time to take it all in
    am 7. August 2017 um 11:50

    What's the difference between going on holiday and simply 'travelling'? With holidays, you're often bound to a specific schedule once you arrive at your destination. Yet when it comes to travelling, your journey is the destination. You can do much less than usual, and not feel bad about it – particularly in Germany, where it's easy to take things slow while you're on the more » […]

  • Picture-perfect: 125 years of the Ahrenshoop artists' colony
    am 31. Juli 2017 um 11:50

    In the late 19th century, artists flocked to the tiny fishing village of Ahrenshoop on the Fischland-Darss-Zingst peninsula of northern Germany. The colony that they established is celebrating its 125th anniversary this more » […]

  • Extreme hiking: the via ferrata of Germany
    am 24. Juli 2017 um 11:50

    What once served as tracks connecting mountain villages now attract hikers and other tourists – at least those with a head for heights and a sense of more » […]

  • Be embraced at the Ruhrtriennale
    am 17. Juli 2017 um 10:50

    Spanning venues from Dortmund to Dinslaken, the Ruhrtriennale is one of Germany's biggest and best arts festivals. It's not only the performances and installations that make it so, but also the venues that play host to them – which have their own authentic stories to more » […]

  • The magic of Germany at night
    am 10. Juli 2017 um 11:50

    The darkness transforms everyday locations into places that are almost magical. It reveals a different world that simply has to be seen and experienced – so much so that an entire film has now been dedicated to the more » […]

  • Open-air theatre in Germany: a breath of fresh air
    am 3. Juli 2017 um 11:50

    Mild summer evenings and clear skies provide the perfect excuse to gather together for some fantastic entertainment. Germany is home to 170 or so actively used outdoor stages, leaving theatre-lovers spoilt for more » […]

  • The Swabian Alb Biosphere – sustainability that's certified
    am 26. Juni 2017 um 11:50

    Germany's nationwide competition of sustainable tourist destinations has come to an end for another year. Though there can only be one winner, you'll find many more contenders in other regions, letting you enjoy travelling today with tomorrow in more » […]

  • Theme parks in Germany – where all the action is
    am 20. Juni 2017 um 11:50

    They're not just an attraction for kids and teens, Germany's theme parks are also record breakers when it comes to fun and more » […]

  • A year of celebrations in the Garden Kingdom
    am 12. Juni 2017 um 11:50

    The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, a UNESCO World Heritage site, looks back over a 200-year history. Its unique quality is in many ways the result of a close friendship, which has become cause for celebration this more » […]