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  • The Future of the SPD: Martin Schulz Faces a Fight for Survival
    am 17. November 2017 um 17:18

    Germany's Social Democrats had a grim result in this year's federal elections. Now chancellor candidate Martin Schulz is battling for re-election as SPD chairman. His quest isn't just about power, it's also about his legacy. […]

  • Germany's Next Government: Coalition Talks Go Into Overtime
    am 17. November 2017 um 13:53

    Exploratory talks on forming a new government were supposed to have finished in Berlin on Thursday night. Instead, they have hit a wall, with parties continuing to squabble over key issues. Whether or not Angela Merkel can put together an alliance and avert fresh elections is becoming unclear. […]

  • A Country, Still Divided: Why Is the Former East Germany Tilting Populist?
    am 17. November 2017 um 9:19

    The Berlin Wall fell 28 years ago, yet vast divisions remain between the former East and West of the country. In the recent election, the populist AfD party did particularly well in the eastern states. But why? By DER SPIEGEL staff […]

  • Wolfgang Kubicki on Tax Havens: 'We Can Solve the Problem Unilaterally'
    am 10. November 2017 um 17:06

    Wolfgang Kubicki of the business-friendly Free Democrats could end up being Germany's next finance minister. He spoke with DER SPIEGEL about what should be done about tax havens in the EU and further afield. […]

  • Hot Air in Germany: Coalition Talks Stalling on Climate Targets
    am 3. November 2017 um 17:12

    Germany is way behind on its emissions reduction goals, but coalition talks currently underway in Berlin aren't likely to help. Instead of embracing the shift to renewables as an economic opportunity, wariness of future technologies remains. […]

  • Germany's Next Government: Coalition Talks Hit Finance Ministry Snag
    am 27. Oktober 2017 um 16:35

    The business-friendly Free Democrats want the Finance Ministry, but Merkel's conservatives don't want to let it go. Now, plans are afoot to shrink its powers if the FDP insists. The disagreement could torpedo coalition talks. […]

  • Right-Wing Unpopulists: Germany's AfD Struggling to Find Staffers in Berlin
    am 27. Oktober 2017 um 16:33

    The Alternative for Germany managed to make its way into German parliament. But now, the right-wing populists are struggling to find experienced staffers willing to work for them. The party has turned to headhunters and "bounties" to fill the gap. […]

  • Joschka Fischer on Rise of the AfD: 'We Know How This Movie Ends'
    am 25. Oktober 2017 um 14:21

    Former German foreign minister and Green Party veteran Joschka Fischer speaks to DER SPIEGEL about the threat posed by the right-wing populist party AfD and the prospects of the country's next government. […]

  • Countering the Populists: Merkel Moves Left to Disarm the Right
    am 18. Oktober 2017 um 9:04

    Angela Merkel's response to the rise of the far-right AfD is to shift her party further to the left and position herself as the social conscience of the new coalition. But within her party, many have doubts about the strategy. […]

  • Seven Months with Martin Schulz: The Anatomy of a Failed Campaign
    am 12. Oktober 2017 um 14:08

    When he first announced his candidacy, ex-European Parliament President Martin Schulz rocketed upward in the opinion polls. But his slide was just as dramatic. DER SPIEGEL was with him throughout and provides a unique look from the inside of his doomed effort to unseat Angela Merkel. […]

  • Merkel's Challenge: Can Germany Make an Unwieldy Coalition Work?
    am 29. September 2017 um 16:12

    With the Social Democrats uninterested in governing with Angela Merkel again, the chancellor is faced with the prospect of assembling a coalition involving four different political parties. The challenges are significant. By DER SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • Unwanted Colleagues: Other Parties Mull Best Way To Deal with AfD
    am 26. September 2017 um 16:30

    The populist Alternative for Germany will soon be entering the country's parliament. It's a breakthrough for the far-right and the end of an era. The question now is whether lawmakers should sideline them -- or will that just make a difficult situation worse? BY DER SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • They're Here: How the AfD Steamrolled Germany's Mainstream Parties
    am 25. September 2017 um 17:39

    Angela Merkel may have been re-elected to a fourth term in office, but the chancellor faces a tough road ahead: Significant setbacks for her conservatives combined with a strong right-wing populist showing and what promises to be an unwieldy governing coalition will test the country's political […]

  • Democracy at Stake: Germany's Slide to the Right
    am 25. September 2017 um 13:28

    Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats lost massive support in Sunday's parliamentary election while the right-wing populist performed better than expected. What happens now? […]

  • German Election 2017: How the AfD Steamrolled the CDU and SPD
    am 25. September 2017 um 10:47

    Angela Merkel may have been re-elected, but the chancellor faces a tough road ahead: Big setbacks for her conservatives combined with a strong right-wing populist showing and what promises to be an unwieldy governing coalition will test the country's political resilience. Our full English-language […]

  • Election Aftermath: A New Germany
    am 24. September 2017 um 22:10

    The Alternative for Germany's entry into the German parliament is not normal -- it's an attack on our liberal democracy, one that all the other parties must fight. That's just one reason that going into opposition is the right decision by the Social Democrats. […]

  • The AfD in the Bundestag: A Populist Upheaval on the Right
    am 24. September 2017 um 22:02

    The right-wing Alternative for Germany party is celebrating its first-ever seats in the German parliament and has vowed to shake up Berlin politics. But there are doubts as to whether the party can maintain discipline. […]

  • The Price of Success: Merkel Lands Fourth Term, But at What Cost?
    am 24. September 2017 um 22:02

    Angela Merkel will serve as Germany's chancellor for a fourth term, but Sunday's win comes at a high price. The right-wing populists are now the third-strongest party in parliament and her negotiations to create a new government are likely to be complicated. […]

  • Merkel, the AfD and a Wounded SPD: Eight Lessons from Germany's Elections
    am 24. September 2017 um 19:22

    Angela Merkel is back for a fourth term, the Social Democrats are wounded and a right-wing populist party has been elected to parliament for the first time in decades: Eight lessons from Sunday's general election in Germany. […]

  • German Election Results: Merkel Re-Elected as Right Wing Enters Parliament
    am 24. September 2017 um 16:40

    Angela Merkel has won her fourth term as German chancellor, but her coalition partners for the last four years, the Social Democrats, have likely received their worst result since World War II. The right-wing populist AfD has secured more than 13 percent of the vote. […]