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  • Economic Downturn: Germany May Abandon Its Beloved Black Zero
    am 22. August 2019 um 12:06

    Chancellor Angela Merkel is still clinging to her policy of a balanced budget, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Germany's economic downturn could soon usher in a return to deficit spending. Government ministries are already signaling a willingness to abandoned years of cautious fiscal […]

  • Radio Silence: German-U.S. Ties Are Breaking Down
    am 21. August 2019 um 10:38

    Never since the founding of postwar Germany have relations between Berlin and the United States been as fragile as they are today. There is virtual radio silence between Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump and U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell is doing more to agitate the situation […]

  • Murder in Frankfurt: The Struggle to Find Answers to Random Crime
    am 2. August 2019 um 16:01

    On Monday, an eight-year-old boy got pushed in front of a train in Frankfurt and died. The crime has horrified the entire country and right-wing populists have sought to instrumentalize it. But can such acts of violence really be prevented? By DER SPIEGEL Staff

  • To Russia With Love: Relations with Moscow Emerge as German Election Issue
    am 29. Juli 2019 um 16:18

    With elections looming in three former East German states this fall, many leading politicians see rapprochement with Russia as a winning campaign strategy. But this perspective puts them in direct confrontation with Chancellor Angela Merkel's government in Berlin.

  • The Huawei Dilemma: Resistance to Chinese Mobile Provider Grows Among Conservatives
    am 26. Juli 2019 um 7:43

    In Germany, the debate is growing in conservative political circles as to whether it should prohibit Chinese network equipment provider Huawei from helping to build the country's 5G network. But at the moment, Berlin doesn't really have any other choice.

  • Far-Right AfD: Germany's Populist Party Embraces Its Extremist Wing
    am 12. Juli 2019 um 17:16

    The far-right fringe of Germany's populist Alternative for Germany party is gaining ground. Politicians in the party who once opposed the wing and its leader, Björn Höcke, have abandoned their resistance and are taking steps to embrace the extremists.

  • The Road to Brussels: Does Von der Leyen Have a Chance as Commission President?
    am 5. Juli 2019 um 16:00

    The nomination of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission president came as a surprise. And many are unhappy. It not only undermines efforts to make the EU more democratic, but she may not be confirmed.

  • No Way Back: Why Most Syrian Refugees Want to Stay in Germany
    am 3. Juli 2019 um 15:09

    Islamic State has been conquered and the war has ended in large parts of Syria, but most Syrian refugees living in Germany want to stay. Many fear persecution if they go back while others have already established themselves in their new home.

  • Father, Neighbor, Killer: Germany's Chilling New Far-Right Terror
    am 27. Juni 2019 um 15:45

    The recent politically motivated assassination of a prominent local leader in Germany has raised concern about the growing threat of far-right extremism in the country. As investigators search for possible accomplices, politicians are struggling to find answers to the escalating violence. By DER […]

  • Sudden Success: Germany's Green Party Faces Serious Growing Pains
    am 19. Juni 2019 um 15:48

    Public opinion polls indicate that Germany's Green Party is currently the strongest political force in the country.  With a lack of policy experts, money and even sufficient office space, though, the party isn't quite ready for prime time. Only time will tell if the Greens are up to the […]

  • The Downfall of Andrea Nahles: A Year with the Doomed SPD Chairwoman
    am 13. Juni 2019 um 10:09

    Andrea Nahles had hoped to rejuvenate Germany's Social Democratic Party. But after just over a year as party chair, she threw in the towel amid an unceasing storm of criticism. What went wrong?

  • Right-Wing Extremism? The Puzzling Murder of a German Politician
    am 7. Juni 2019 um 16:03

    The brutal murder of a politician in central Germany has led to widespread speculation about the motive and the identity of the perpetrator. Some see it as retaliation for his pro-refugee stance, but investigators have their doubts.

  • A Dim View of the World: Will Merkel Be Followed by Darkness?
    am 28. Mai 2019 um 9:52

    As the end of her tenure approaches, Angela Merkel has a view of the world that couldn't be much grimmer. She sees the pillars of the world order collapsing and yet, strangely, she doesn't seem to be doing much about it.

  • Climate Stasis: German Failure on the Road to a Renewable Future
    am 13. Mai 2019 um 15:30

    In 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the country was turning away from nuclear energy in favor of a renewable future. Since then, however, progress has been limited. Berlin has wasted billions of euros and resistance is mounting.

  • The AfD Dilemma: Germany Struggles to Find Right Approach to Populists
    am 9. Mai 2019 um 14:48

    With the AfD now holding seats in every state parliament and in the federal parliament in Berlin, churches, unions and other organizations across Germany are wrestling with a tough question: Is it better to kick the populists out or to try to integrate them? By DER SPIEGEL Staff

  • A Nazi Critic and a Gestapo Spy: 'You Can't Report Your Own Father!'
    am 8. Mai 2019 um 12:44

    The Gestapo spy Paul Reckzeh denounced a group of Nazi critics in Berlin and two of them were executed. Irmgard Ruppel was the last survivor of the group, and in an interview five decades later, she told the story of what happened.

  • The Anti-Environment Party: AfD Hopes to Win Votes by Opposing Climate Protection
    am 6. Mai 2019 um 10:22

    German populists are adopting climate change denialism as a new campaign strategy. The far-right Alternative for Germany party has begun directing its unscientific claims at global warming activists like 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and says it wants to be the party that "saves diesel."

  • Facebook Frenzy: How the German Right Wing Dominates Social Media
    am 29. April 2019 um 12:31

    A comprehensive analysis has revealed the degree to which German right-wing populists from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party are dominating the social media landscape. They might be getting help from abroad.

  • 'Absolutely Controlled MP': Documents Link AfD Parliamentarian To Moscow
    am 12. April 2019 um 8:48

    Russian government emails show evidence of how Moscow is seeking to exploit the Alternative for Germany party in its propaganda war. The right-wing populists appear to be voluntary accomplices -- and a member of the federal parliament is at the center of the scandal. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

  • A Precarious Alliance: Patience Wears Thin with Germany's NATO Spending
    am 2. April 2019 um 17:38

    As NATO prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the most successful military alliance in history finds itself in the throes of an existential crisis. The unfulfillled promises of some member countries -- in particular Germany -- to spend more on defense threaten to tear the block apart. By DER […]