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  • The Cartel: Collusion Between Germany's Biggest Carmakers
    am 27. Juli 2017 um 12:10

    The diesel scandal is not a failure on the part of individual companies, but rather the result of collusion among German automakers that lasted for years. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and Porsche coordinated their activities in more than a thousand meetings. The exposure of a cartel. […]

  • Chaos at the G-20: How Hamburg Failed to Protect Its Citizens
    am 14. Juli 2017 um 16:06

    The violence that erupted at the G-20 summit last week has raised significant questions as to whether protecting world leaders was prioritized over the safety of the people of Hamburg. Police records from the weekend reveal the full scale of the chaos. By SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • Lasting Questions from Hamburg: Was the G-20 Summit Really Worth It?
    am 8. Juli 2017 um 20:17

    The Hamburg summit is over. Overshadowed by the violence on the streets outside, Angela Merkel and the rest of the G-20 leaders managed to find mini-compromises on major issues. But the question remains: Was it worth it? […]

  • The G-20 in Hamburg: A Look Back at the Summit
    am 8. Juli 2017 um 19:27

    Reports, interviews and analysis: Take a look back at highlights of our coverage of this week's G-20 summit, which brought leaders of the world's leading industrialized countries to Hamburg to discuss the most pressing issues of our time. […]

  • Black Friday: Hamburg's G-20 Security Failure
    am 8. Juli 2017 um 16:52

    Stores were looted, cars burned and bands of anarchists marauded through the streets. At times, the police were completely overwhelmed by the scale of violence at the G-20 summit in Hamburg. What went wrong? […]

  • Don't Conflate Demonstrators with Rioters: Legitimate Protest Is More Important than Ever
    am 8. Juli 2017 um 13:45

    Black-masked rioters left behind a trail of destruction in Hamburg on Friday night -- and showed that they are only interested in violence. But real political protest is more important than ever. […]

  • Open Break: Climate Disagreement Clouding G-20 Summit
    am 7. Juli 2017 um 18:02

    The U.S. is isolated when it comes to climate change at the G-20 -- and it is a disagreement that will likely be mentioned in the summit's closing declaration, SPIEGEL has learned. […]

  • G20 Protests: Police Opt for Brute Force in Hamburg
    am 7. Juli 2017 um 15:07

    The police stopped the "Welcome to Hell" demo on Thursday night with brute force. Both sides escalated the situation, with some police action sparking panic in the crowds. […]

  • Germany Approves Gay Marriage: Next Stop Constitutional Court?
    am 30. Juni 2017 um 16:44

    On Friday, German parliament passed a law paving the way for gay marriage. But the language of the country's constitution could lead to a serious legal challenge. It may be too soon to celebrate. By SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • Cultural Conundrum: What Does It Mean To Be a Hamburger?
    am 26. Juni 2017 um 15:18

    As Germany prepares for next week's G-20 summit, the world has its eyes on Hamburg. The city has seen a decline in the port culture that put it on the map, but the recent success of its spectacular new concert hall has forced many residents to reflect anew on what it means to be a […]

  • The Last Act: A Raging Battle over Kohl's Legacy
    am 23. Juni 2017 um 16:46

    For years, Helmut Kohl's second wife held a tight grip over his legacy. With his passing now, she is pushing for an EU state funeral rather than a national one -- and even considered not inviting any German leaders to speak. A major dispute is expected over the estate of one of Europe's most […]

  • Spying Scandal: German Intelligence Also Snooped on White House
    am 22. Juni 2017 um 16:48

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is famous for the terse remark she made after learning her mobile phone had been tapped by the NSA. "Spying among friends, that isn't done." As it turns out, Germany was spying on America too, even targeting the White House. […]

  • 'Welcome To Hell': Hamburg Girds for 100,000 G-20 Protestors
    am 20. Juni 2017 um 14:18

    When the leaders of the world's most powerful economies descend on Hamburg next month, the city will be a virtual fortress with the deployment of 20,000 police. Officials believe violent protests are likely. […]

  • A German Giant: The Political Legacy of Helmut Kohl
    am 16. Juni 2017 um 21:31

    He was the chancellor who reunited Germany and advanced European unification. He governed longer than any other German leader before him and became a global statesman who dedicated his life to his country, even if scandals threatened to obscure parts of his legacy. […]

  • Isolating Trump: Merkel's G-20 Climate Alliance Is Crumbling
    am 9. Juni 2017 um 16:49

    The German chancellor had been hoping to isolate Donald Trump on climate issues at the upcoming G-20 summit in Hamburg. But Merkel's hoped-for alliance is crumbling, underscoring Germany's relative political weakness globally. Many countries are wary of angering the United States. […]

  • Migrant Crime in Germany: The Lost Sons of North Africa
    am 9. Juni 2017 um 8:48

    Thousands of young men from North Africa come to Germany every year and many of them, like Samir, fall afoul of the law. Officials would like to accelerate the deportation process, but the criminals aren't welcome back home either. By SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • Interview with Germany's Foreign Minister: By Pulling Away, U.S. 'Does the Most Damage To Itself'
    am 8. Juni 2017 um 17:01

    In an interview, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel discusses the consequences of the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate protection and his particularly tough stance against U.S. President Donald Trump.&nbs […]

  • Merkel Challenger Schulz: Trump 'Most Un-American' U.S. President Seen in Years
    am 6. Juni 2017 um 15:31

    Martin Schulz, the former European Parliament president and Angela Merkel's challenger in the German election, says in an interview with DER SPIEGEL that he views Donald Trump as a threat to European security. He also calls on the chancellor to do more to strengthen the EU. […]

  • A Trans-Atlantic Turning Point: What Was Merkel Thinking?
    am 29. Mai 2017 um 15:19

    A historical turning point or mere campaign bluster? Chancellor Angela Merkel's Sunday speech on relations with Donald Trump's America has raised eyebrows the world over. What did she mean? […]

  • State Election Debacle: What's Wrong With Germany's Green Party
    am 15. Mai 2017 um 14:47

    Germany's once high-flying Green Party is foundering in many states. After a disastrous election result in North Rhine-Westphalia, the party is promising change, but it may come too late for September's national poll. […]