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  • Arms for Hostage?: Berlin Weighs Tank Deal with Turkey to Free Journalist
    am 22. Januar 2018 um 17:28

    Officially, Germany insists it wants no part of any kind of trade-off with Turkey in its effort to free imprisoned journalist Deniz Yücel. Behind the scenes, though, a tank deal could be taking shape. […]

  • Refugee Reversal: Merkel's Got Some Explaining To Do
    am 22. Januar 2018 um 13:10

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has completely reversed her refugee policies without bothering to tell German voters why she has done so. Such imperiousness is a common problem for those who have been in office for too long. […]

  • Distrust and Anger: Inside Germany's Rocky Coalition Talks
    am 19. Januar 2018 um 17:38

    Preliminary talks to form a new government in Berlin, following the collapse of a previous effort, underscore the degree to which the power of the leaders of Germany's main political parties has eroded. Angela Merkel's own weakness is more apparent than ever. […]

  • Fact-Check: Is There Truth To Refugee Rape Reports?
    am 17. Januar 2018 um 17:59

    Right-wing websites claim that Germany is facing an alleged epidemic of rape cases committed by refugees, fueling panic about the recent influx of foreigners and the safety of women in the country. We investigated one site's reports and found many problems with them. By DER SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • Grand Coalition Redux: Progress for Merkel In Search for a Government
    am 12. Januar 2018 um 18:01

    An end to Germany's leadership vacuum may finally be in sight as Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the center-left Social Democrats reached a preliminary agreement on Friday morning. But there are plenty of hurdles still left to clear. […]

  • Germany's Foreign Minister: 'We Are Seeing What Happens When the U.S. Pulls Back'
    am 8. Januar 2018 um 8:44

    In an interview, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel urges Germany to pay greater attention to the future of the EU. He warns that there are no vacuums in international politics and that when the U.S. withdraws, Russia or China step in. […]

  • Germany's New Hate Speech Law: Populists Fight for Their Right to Racism
    am 4. Januar 2018 um 17:29

    German right-wing populists are blasting a new law regulating hate postings on Twitter and Facebook, saying it destroys freedom of opinion in the country. But their tirades are misplaced. […]

  • Country without a Government: Merkel's Difficult Road to a Coalition
    am 15. Dezember 2017 um 17:01

    Three months after the election, Germany is as far away from a governing coalition as ever and Social Democrats don't expect an agreement before Easter. Meanwhile, Germany's influence in the EU is on the wane. By DER SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • End of an Era: Surveying the Ruins of Merkelism
    am 15. Dezember 2017 um 17:00

    The Merkel era has been characterized by a deep yearning for stability. Yet her tenure has led to Germany's current period of instability. It is time to move on from Merkelism. […]

  • 2016 Berlin Christmas Market Attack: Terror Survivors Feel Abandoned by German Authorities
    am 15. Dezember 2017 um 16:47

    One year after the terror attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, the relatives of the victims feel like the German authorities have treated them callously or neglected them. Some of their anger is also directed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel. […]

  • Patchwork Solution: An End to Berlin's Neverending Airport Fiasco?
    am 11. Dezember 2017 um 13:08

    The idea of a soft launch for Berlin's long-delayed new international airport is gaining traction. It would mean opening its doors in 2020, but without its main terminal. […]

  • SPIEGEL Interview with Martin Schulz: 'I'm Made of Stern Stuff'
    am 1. Dezember 2017 um 17:14

    SPD leader Martin Schulz twice ruled out a continuation of the grand coalition with Chancellor Merkel's conservatives. Now, though, he has little choice but to consider such an alliance anyway. He speaks with DER SPIEGEL about what that means for him, his party, Germany and Europe. […]

  • Germany's Fate: The Dispiriting Prospect of a New Grand Coalition
    am 1. Dezember 2017 um 17:06

    With Angela Merkel's first effort at assembling a governing coalition having failed, a run-back of her current alliance with the Social Democrats appears likely. That, though, is hardly something to look forward to. And may not happen at all. By DER SPIEGEL staff […]

  • Germany, Democracy and the World: The End of the End of History
    am 23. November 2017 um 13:39

    The collapse of coalition talks in Berlin are far from a national crisis. But it is symptomatic. It is time for German politicians to realize what is at stake for their country and the rest of the Western world. […]

  • Collapse: Germany Seeks to Pick Up the Pieces
    am 22. November 2017 um 16:45

    With coalition talks having collapsed, the country and the continent are now wondering what happens next. Blame is being heaped on the FDP, but the party could end up suffering mightily. Germany and Europe, meanwhile, are the biggest losers. By DER SPIEGEL Staff […]

  • Coalition Talks Collapse: Germany Wins, Merkel Loses
    am 21. November 2017 um 11:37

    The collapse of coalition negotiations in Berlin is a win for political clarity in Germany. The parties involved would hardly have been able to govern effectively together. But it marks the end of Chancellor Merkel's style of governing. […]

  • German Meltdown: Everyone Loses in Coalition Collapse
    am 20. November 2017 um 11:47

    After the collapse of the German coalition talks, the blame game has already begun. Yet all the parties bear responsibility for how the negotiations failed. […]

  • Collapsed Coalition Talks: What's Next for Merkel and Germany?
    am 20. November 2017 um 11:13

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's attempts to assemble a governing coalition collapsed on Sunday night. Much of the blame is falling on the shoulders of the business-friendly Free Democrats, but what happens next? […]

  • The Future of the SPD: Martin Schulz Faces a Fight for Survival
    am 17. November 2017 um 17:18

    Germany's Social Democrats had a grim result in this year's federal elections. Now chancellor candidate Martin Schulz is battling for re-election as SPD chairman. His quest isn't just about power, it's also about his legacy. […]

  • Germany's Next Government: Coalition Talks Go Into Overtime
    am 17. November 2017 um 13:53

    Exploratory talks on forming a new government were supposed to have finished in Berlin on Thursday night. Instead, they have hit a wall, with parties continuing to squabble over key issues. Whether or not Angela Merkel can put together an alliance and avert fresh elections is becoming unclear. […]